European Ship Simulator

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European Ship Simulator: Description

Captain a wide variety of vessels from a speeding power boat, a humble tug, a massive ice breaker and a luxury cruise liner. Sail highly detailed ships, fight against realistic water physics and take in spectacular vistas as you navigate five regions including Rostock, Rotterdam, Dover, Calais and Iceland.

Designed to be expansive and fully supported by the developers as a core product, European Ship Simulator will evolve post launch with regular updates to ports, vessels and missions. The ship simming community will also be able to get involved with shaping the game further as the game allows players to add their very own ships to the game.

After launch we will be releasing free and paid for DLC that will continue to shape the game. Our current schedule includes Hamburg (end of October 2014), Gibraltar (end of November 2014) and the Suez Canal (early 2015). We will be listening to feedback from the community for future DLC.

•Five areas to explore including Rostock, Rotterdam, Iceland and a route between Dover and Calais where players can sail across the English Channel.
•Weather effects include blazing sun, pouring rain and snow.
•A variety of vessels to captain including a sports motor boat, an icebreaker, fishing boat, ocean cruisers and a tugboat, each with highly detailed interiors and exteriors.
•Modders can design and add their own vessels via Steam Workshop.
•An in-game mission editor allows users to create their own missions triggering changes in wind speed, weather effects and objectives.
•Career mode – Enjoy life as a sailor and earn money by completing missions and purchase ships with your earned revenue.
•Compatible with the Ship Driver controller from P.I. Engineering